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That's Life Or Is It?

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Do you feel overworked, overextended, and overwhelmed? Do you feel guilty and ashamed, thinking you are not enough?

Do you give so much to everyone else and so little to yourself? Have you forgotten the dreams you have for yourself? Have you forgotten yourself?

Remember, you have a story. Beautiful, powerful and yours to unfold. You are the hero of this story, not a supporting character. Your motivations, needs and desires matter. Your time matters. You matter.

With the simple and practical techniques Angela offers in her book, That's Life...Or Is It? you will be able to reclaim your time and use that time to reconnect with the story you have always dreamt of for yourself. It's your time now!


You can finally break away from feelings of guilt, crushing pressure, and everyone else's expectations.

You will see how the power of taking back your time will develop a happier, fulfilled, and more confident you.

You can be the heroine you always wanted to be.


    Break free from the mindset that weighs you down and keeps you feeling depleted. Reconnect with yourself, your dreams, and your desires. Embrace them and be the person you always wanted to be.

  • Let go of expectations that keep you dependent on outside forces for your happiness
  • Reconnect with what matters to you and turn that into achievable goals.
  • Change your self talk from victim to powerhouse.
  • Say No! to what doesn't serve you.
  • Say Yes! to yourself.
  • Be comfortable asking for help.
  • Take ownership of your financial goals.